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Mercury Retrograde Survival: Spinning Straw Into Gold

Painting by  Paul O. Zelinsky - RumplestitskinBefore this current Mercury Retrograde the majority of my time spent during meditation has been spent on generating and maintaining positive thoughts and positive emotions. I expected Mercury Retrograde to be treacherous as usual, so this time I decided that even though some mishaps, mistakes and disconnections cannot be avoided;   I would have enough of a storehouse of positive thoughts and energies within myself and my aura to transform these events into opportunities instead of disappointing disasters. Figuratively speaking, I was recreating the fairy tale miracle of “spinning straw into gold” as referenced in one of my favorite fairy tales – Rumplestiltskin. But this process has long been recognized universally in many traditions. For example, in the Buddhist tradition the process of “changing poison into medicine” “refers to the transformation of deluded impulses into enlightenment mentioned in The Treatise on the Great Perfection of Wisdom, attributed to the third-century Indian Buddhist philosopher Nagarjuna. In popular culture the old saying “turning lemons into lemonade” refers to exactly the same transformation.  And, for fans of Harry Potter the process is recognized as “turning lead into gold” according to the secret formula of the legendary alchemist, Nicolas Flamel.  It is the Philosopher’s Stone. Regardless, flipping an otherwise negative and disappointing situation into an opportunity is a skill that we all should learn  – especially during Mercury Retrograde.

The process is in fact very easy. Following the formula that belief combined with intent equals manifestation; the only thing we need to believe in during Mercury is ourselves. If we continue to believe that we are good people, deserving of goodness, despite whatever befalls us during Mercury Retrograde, that belief has the amazing transformative power of making with appears to be “an accidental turn” lead us a secret path to the “pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow.  I think that these days people are less interested in learning complicated rituals because who has time for that? Some of us are out here struggling to make a living. So, I’m here to give you the simple formula for making things work no matter what. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND PRACTICE KINDNESS VS. CHAOS.

Since this Mercury Retrograde has been in shadow my new phone died a mysterious death and my old laptop exploded like a super nova. But I’m fine. By maintaining an attitude of “kindness vs. chaos,” I managed to get a replacement phone for free and I was gifted with an even better laptop. By realizing that everyone has issues during Mercury Retrograde and removing our angst during our interactions with service providers, business associates and even friends we open up the opportunity to receive gifts and help from others because the truth is… every human being wants to be someone else’s hero.  So, rather than positioning you as a victim, position yourself as a good person who deserves a break. Speak humbly and softly and with any luck the person on the other end of the phone or across the table will respond to you with kindness.

I know this is hard to trust. I know that some people will respond with angst and anger no matter what. But in those rare instances when you are rewarded kindness for kindness you will experience the miracle of the selflessness of the human heart. I have to tell you. That is experience is worth waiting for and believing in.

Until next time… Peace out.

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