I am a natural born clairvoyant who’s been working successfully with the Tarot, Crystals, Angels and Meditation for the past 20 years.   For the past four years, I’ve been reading for two of the nation’s hottest psychic phone lines. I have also done research for paranormal shows and have been featured on Entertainment Tonight as a “Vampire Expert.” Because of the recession many clients can’t afford to pay up to $5.00 a minute.  This is my way of providing  the same service – or better to a select group of private clients that I hope to help through these difficult times.

All readings will be done via your phone or SKYPE.  It’s so easy to schedule a reading. Contact me and I will confirm your appointment date and time with 48 hours or less.  Use PayPal to pay for your reading in advance.  After the reading, if you are not 100% satisfied with my work, I will refund your payment to you immediately – no strings attached.  (One time only.)  Why would you come back to me if you’re not satisfied?  I’m that good, that credible and nobody has asked for a refund… ever…

100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied immediately after your first paid reading via Phone or SKYPE.

Regular clients will be offered incentives for referrals.  Party rates available for special events.

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  1. Marie can feed the minds and souls of those in ensnared by the trappings of the mundane world. She focuses her gifts to provide compassion, nuturance and clarity. As a psychic healer, she is amazingly accurate and inspired by the Angelic realms. She uses the tarot cards, nanta beads and crystals to attune herself with cosmic forces. Her extensive study in transcendental meditation has given her the cunning ability to re-align people. After a reading with Marie one is left with a strong feeling of content and peace. IN the scheme of life this is what really matters. )O( – Thoughts of a Witch

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