Types of Readings


For most general readings I begin with a layout called the Celtic Cross.  This is a standard layout that should show me what’s going on in your life past, present and future from 3 – 6 months.  Sometimes I can just key into your energy and no spread is needed.  Every reading is different.

I use the cards as a visual stimulant because my gift is activated by images and color.  Throughout the reading I will be telling you what images and impressions I am receiving intuitively. Ask as many specific questions as you want.

No reading is set in stone which means that we can talk about changing the outcome to your advantage in simple ways that have an direct impact on your life real time without too much fuss. Life doesn’t have to be complicated.


The majority of my clients come to me because I am an expert in love and relationships.  Although no one can make someone love you who doesn’t, we can determine if someone is sincere.  We can check to see if your partner is being faithful.  We can determine if a partner is just a fling or a potential life mate.  I will tell you what I feel and it’s up to you to decide what to do from there. Through it all we can discuss your options and make changes.

Keeping in mind that no one is perfect, the truth about finding and keeping a relationship is to figure out how much we can give and forgive.  That’s the bottom line.

If you are hoping to repair or recover a broken relationship we can look into that as well.  However, I will tell you the truth as I see it  no matter what it is… and  we can go from there.

I do not perform any love spells or bindings because it is part of my personal belief system that everyone has the right to operate on their own free will.  I can however, assist you in freeing yourself or your partner from these unwanted invasions of your privacy.  It’s easy.  I can show you how to free yourself without having to do anything complicated.


Please be very specific about what you are looking into.  If you are employed and looking to move up we can look into your prospects.

If you are a business owner and curious about your business dealings we can explore your overall business or specific clients and transactions.

If you are unemployed we can look into your job prospects for the next 3 -6 months in an hour or half hour reading.  But, if you don’t have a lot of cash you can purchase either a 15 minute or a 10 minute reading to look at a specific interview or opportunity.

One thought on “Types of Readings

  1. From the Thoughts of a Witch
    O Great Nanta, be though a natural focus and bridge to the Angelic realms and the cosmos. I am linked to thee and thou art linked to Nature. We are One from Three, We are the Triangle of manifest In the names of:

    “And Thou, 0 Tetragrammaton, art a Shield about me, my Glory, and
    He who lifteth up my head.”

    “And Thou, 0 Tetragrammaton, be not far off, 0 my Strength, to
    help me make haste.”

    “I will say unto Tetragrammaton, My refuge and fortress, my God,
    I will be confident in him.”

    “Return 0 Tetragrammaton, deliver my soul”

    “1 sought Tetragrammaton, and He answered me and out of all my
    fears He delivered me.”

    “Sing Psalms unto Tetragrammaton Who inhabiteth, show forth among
    the nations His deeds.”

    “Merciful and gracious is Tetragrammaton, lord of life”

    “Come ye, we will bow down and bend before Tetragrammaton who
    hath made us.”

    “Remember Thy tender mercies, 0 Tetragrammaton, and Thy mercies,
    for from of old they were.”

    “There shall be Thy mercy, 0 Tetragrammaton, upon us, as we have
    hoped in Thee.”

    “Liveth Tetragrammaton, and blessed by my Rock, and there shall
    arise the God of my salvation.”

    “Why 0 Tetragrammaton, wilt Thou stand afar, why wilt Thou hide
    thyself at times of trouble.”

    “Shout ye to Tetragrammaton, all the Earth, break ye forth, and
    shout for Joy, and sing Psalms.”

    “And Tetragrammaton shall be a high place for the oppressed, a
    high place for seasons in distress.”

    “And Tetragrammaton is become unto me a refuge, and my God is the
    Aid of my Hope.”

    “0 Tetragrammaton, God of my Salvation in the day I have cried,
    and in the night before Thee.”

    “0 Tetragrammaton, our Lord, how excellent is Thy Name in all the

    “Judge me accordingly to Thy righteousness, Tetragrammaton, my
    God, and let them rejoice over me.”

    “Expecting, I expected Tetragrammaton, and He inclined unto me,
    and heard my cry.”


    “In my distress I cried to Thee 0 Tetragrammaton, and He heard
    me. Deliver my soul 0 Tetragrammaton, from lying lips, and from
    deceitful tongues.”

    “And in Thee I have confided, 0 Tetragrammaton, I have said Thou
    art my God.”

    “Tetragrammaton Keepeth Thee. Tetragrammaton is Thy shadow upon
    Thy right hand.”

    “Tetragrammaton will keep thy going out and thy coming in from
    now until Ever.”

    “From Tetragrammaton is a blessing upon those that fear Him, and
    those who trust in Him.”

    “I will give thanks unto Tetragrammaton with all my heart; will
    tell of all Thy wondrous works.”

    “I have called with all my heart, answer me Tetragrammaton, I
    will preserve Thy statutes.”

    “Deliver me 0 Tetragrammaton, from the Evil Man, from the Man of
    violence preserve Thou me.”

    “0 Tetragrammaton be not far from me, 0 my Tetragrammaton make
    haste for my help.”

    “Behold, Elohim helpeth me, and Tetragrammaton is with them who
    uphold my soul.”

    “For Thou art my Hope, 0 Tetragrammaton; 0 Adonai, my confidence
    from my Youth.”

    “I will go in strength 0 Tetragrammaton; 0 Adonai, I will make
    mention of Thy righteousness even of thine only.”

    “For Upright is Tetragrammaton of the Word, and all His works are
    in Truth.”

    “Tetragrammaton knoweth the thoughts of man that they are in

    “Let Israel trust in Tetragrammaton, now and for ever.”

    “I have rejoiced because Tetragrammaton hath heard the voice of
    my supplication.”

    “0 Tetragrammaton, I have loved the habitation of Thy house and
    the place of the abiding of thine Honour.”

    “0 Tetragrammaton Elohim Tzaboath, turn us and cause Thy Face to
    shine upon us, and we shall be saved.”

    “Because Thou, 0 Tetragrammaton, art my refuge, Thou hast Thy
    refuge in the Most High.”

    “Hear, 0 Tetragrammaton, and be gracious unto me Tetragrammaton,
    be Thou my Helper.”

    “Why 0 Tetragrammaton, repelled Thou my soul, and hidest Thy face
    from me.”

    “0 Tetragrammaton deliver my soul from a lip of lying, from a
    tongue of guile.”

    “Tetragrammaton shall keep thee from all Evil, He shall preserve
    thy soul.”

    “And I, unto Thee, 0 Tetragrammaton, have cried, and in the
    morning my prayer shall come before Thee.”

    “Let the freewill Offerings of my mouth, please Thee, 0
    Tetragrammaton, and teach me Thy Judgements.”

    “When I said, my foot hath been moved, Thy mercy, 0
    Tetragrammaton, will uphold me.”

    “Tetragrammaton is good unto every man, and His Mercies are over
    all His works.”

    “How great have been Thy Works 0 Tetragrammaton, very deep have
    been Thy devices.”

    “Tetragrammaton hath made known His salvation, in the sight of
    the Nations hath He revealed His justice.”

    “Great is Tetragrammaton and greatly to be praised, and unto His
    greatness there is not an end.”

    “Merciful and gracious is Tetragrammaton, slow to anger and
    abounding in Mercy.”

    “The Glory of Tetragrammaton shall endure for ever,
    Tetragrammaton shall rejoice in His works.”

    “I will give thanks unto Tetragrammaton according to His
    righteousness, and I will sing Psalms unto the Name of
    Tetragrammaton Most High.”

    “I have known, 0 Tetragrammaton that righteous are Thy
    Judgements, and in faithfulness hast Thou humbled me.”

    “Tetragrammaton hath established His Throne in Heaven, and His
    Kingdom ruleth over all.”

    “But Thou 0 Tetragrammaton, shall endure forever, and Thy
    memorial from generation to generation.”

    “Tetragrammaton upholdeth all those who fall, and lifteth up all
    those who are down.”

    “Ye, who fear Tetragrammaton, confide in Tetragrammaton, their
    Help and their Shield is He.”

    “Ye who fear Tetragrammaton and thy Shield is He.”

    “And my soul hath been greatly troubled, and Thou,Tetragrammaton,
    how long.”

    “From the rising of the sun to the going down of the same, let
    the Name of Tetragrammaton be praised.”

    “Righteous is Tetragrammaton in all His Ways, and Holy in all His

    “Let the Name of Tetragrammaton be praised from this time forth
    and for evermore.”

    “See how I have loved Thy Precepts, 0 Tetragrammaton, in Thy
    Mercy keep me alive.”

    “Serve Tetragrammaton with Joy; enter those who fear Him, unto
    those who hope in His mercy.”

    “Behold, the eyes of Tetragrammaton is unto those who fear Him,
    unto those who hope in His mercy.”

    “Return 0 Tetragrammaton how long! And repent Thee concerning
    Thy servants.”

    “Forsake me not 0 Tetragrammaton, my God be not Thou far from me.”

    “Delight in Tetragrammaton, and He shall delight thee”

    “0 give thanks unto Tetragrammaton, for He is good, for His mercy
    endureth forever.”

    “Tetragrammaton is the portion of my inheritance and my cup, Thou
    maintainest my lot.”

    “In the Beginning Elohim created the substance of the heavens and
    the substance of the earth.”

    “I will give thanks unto Tetragrammaton greatly with my mouth,
    and in the midst of many will I praise Him.”

    “Turn unto thy rest, 0 my Soul, for Tetragrammaton rewardeth

    It is Done!

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