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A Quick Honey Jar Spell for a X-mas Estate Sale

Happy holidays folks.  My gal pal Stevie Wilson, social media badass and Queen of is having an estate sale from her gorgeous beachfront home in Long Beach.  This past year this “super fashionista has been collecting swag and product reserved only for LA’s Fashionista Elite.  Now that the holidays have come, her husband has … Continue reading

Mercury Retrograde Survival: Mambo T Chita Tann’s Milk Bath
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Mercury Retrograde Survival: Mambo T Chita Tann’s Milk Bath

Just 24 hours after the “not guilty” verdict was handed down in the trial against George Zimmerman for the murder of Trayvon Martin; a cleansing bath seems like a soothing antidote to the angst in the air and the pain in my heart. I am one of the many who are saddened and outraged that … Continue reading

Mercury Retrograde Survival: Spinning Straw Into Gold
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Mercury Retrograde Survival: Spinning Straw Into Gold

Before this current Mercury Retrograde the majority of my time spent during meditation has been spent on generating and maintaining positive thoughts and positive emotions. I expected Mercury Retrograde to be treacherous as usual, so this time I decided that even though some mishaps, mistakes and disconnections cannot be avoided;   I would have enough of … Continue reading

Mercury Retrograde

From Drew Dillinger: Mercury Retrograde, Wendy Davis

In keeping with my mandate to “go with” instead of against the flow of things during the Mercury Retrograde, I am “re-posting” excerpts from a very insightful blog that I read this morning from Drew Dillinger. “Drew Dellinger, Ph.D., is an internationally sought-after speaker, poet, writer, and teacher whose keynotes and poetry performances—which address ecology, … Continue reading

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YOUR POP PSYCHIC SPEAKS: Your Past Can Create Your Present

I’ve been doing a lot of readings for women with low self-esteem lately. Surprisingly, the variety ranges from the drop dead gorgeous to the morbidly obese. You would think that these women would have nothing in common outside of their gender, but the sad truth is the thing that they have most in common is … Continue reading

Mercury Retrograde Survival: The Chocolate Cure
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Mercury Retrograde Survival: The Chocolate Cure

Sometimes so amount of astrological advise, spell craft or positive thinking can remove the sting of a disappointment during the Mercury Retrograde.  And just because it’s Mercury Retrograde it doesn’t mean that the pain of a loss is any less… sometimes it’s more intense. For many years I allowed myself to rage at the stars … Continue reading