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YOUR POP PSYCHIC SPEAKS: Your Past Can Create Your Present

From the Renaissance Tarot Deck by Brian WilliamI’ve been doing a lot of readings for women with low self-esteem lately. Surprisingly, the variety ranges from the drop dead gorgeous to the morbidly obese. You would think that these women would have nothing in common outside of their gender, but the sad truth is the thing that they have most in common is that they are too easily manipulated.  Regardless of how they appear to the outside world, inside these women share the experience of being abused and broken… and convinced that it was utterly their fault.  The two cards that show up most prominently in their readings are the Moon Card and the Devil Card.

In my experience the Moon card is always indicative of a secret, but in the case of an adult survivor of child abuse those secrets are usually deep and dark.

According to ChildHelp  “Every year 3.3 million reports of child abuse are made in the United States involving nearly 6 million children (a report can include multiple children). The United States has the worst record in the industrialized nation – losing five children every day due to abuse-related deaths. 1

Just imagine how many of these children grow-up to be “broken” adults who are continually victimized by people and by the system because they were raised by abusive parents.  The numbers are staggering and more and more of them are reaching out to counselors, therapists and psychics to make sense of the chaos in their lives that arises from being manipulated too easily by the wrong people.  I cannot tell you how many women I counsel on a regular basis who are either in an abusive relationship, trying to escape an abusive relationship, or are in some kind of trouble because they allowed themselves to be abused either at work, by their friends or even their own family.  Sometimes I run across someone who just allows people to take advantage of their time and money… repeatedly… without ever fighting back. On a deeper level, the Moon Card can indicate a subconscious that is only partially illuminated by self-awareness.

In every single case I spend a lot of time convincing these poor souls that they are worth something. I spend a lot of time reassuring them that they are worthy of a true love, a good career or the simple respect of one person to another. The most wounded are those that have suffered sexual abuse, others were abandoned and some were beaten as children by parents with substance abuse problems.  In these cases I can feel that they are victims even before they utter their first words. Although they may appear to be like everyone else there is a marked difference in their energy field that indicates that they have been trying to live their lives despite the terrible open wounds most evident in the energy chakra above their hearts.

From the Renaissance Tarot Deck by Brian Williams

Here the “slavery” implied by the Devil Card is not necessarily being a slave to someone else, but more commonly being enslaved by behavior that they cannot understand or control. These are the people who come close to success, then find themselves self-sabotaging all their hard work.  These are the women who continually fall in love with abusive partners. These are the men who can’t keep a woman in their lives because they can’t control themselves either physically, emotionally or sexually.  These are the people who become chronic substance abusers.

As a survivor of abuse myself, I recognize the emotions that I feel when I tap into them.  But, when giving a reading I have learned to be subtle about the subject of abuse. Some people are in total denial. Some people are ashamed. And a few have no recollection of the abuse until the memories come pouring out like rain.  There is a danger in exploring and releasing these emotions without the proper compassion, guidance and sometimes professional support of a psychiatrist or psychologist.  I have had clients who have threatened suicide or self-harm and in those cases I refer them to a medical professional immediately. But, there have been some who I have been thankfully able to bring back from the brink.  I have done this by repeatedly reinforcing the belief that they are worthy, valuable, lovable people.

My advice advice to them is always the same, “If you want to change your life, you have to change the way you live.”

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