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Mercury Retrograde Survival: The Chocolate Cure

Photo by Chris Gentile - Gourmet Live

Photo by Chris Gentile – Gourmet Live

Sometimes so amount of astrological advise, spell craft or positive thinking can remove the sting of a disappointment during the Mercury Retrograde.  And just because it’s Mercury Retrograde it doesn’t mean that the pain of a loss is any less… sometimes it’s more intense. For many years I allowed myself to rage at the stars at the unfairness I have suffered. But lately, I’ve realized that whatever losses I have suffered I have survived, not because I am an intensely “evolved” human being, but because I’m a “Foodie.”  You see sometimes the best thing you can do over Mercury Retrograde is quietly mourn your fate… and make a ton of chocolate desserts!

According to Psychology Today chocolate can alleviate the discomfort of a bad mood for  3 minutes.  It may not sound like a lot to you, but to someone in a deep depression or spiral of sadness 3 minutes may just be enough to come out of the deep dark pit of despair.  I like to think of it as a 3 minute “time o

So the next time your heart is aching, before you reach for another Xanax, or Valium… take a deep breath and head to the kitchen.


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