Divination / Mercury Retrograde / Pagan / Paranormal

The Earth Prepares for Mercury Retrograde

Mother Earth

Three days into “Mercury Retrograde Shadow” the news is packed with the reports of a storm front over the Midwestern states and wild fires in Colorado.  For those of us who understand that the Earth is a living sentient being the connection between our Mother’s own “purging” makes sense in light of the coming Mercury Retrograde (June 29th, 2013). Gaia herself is purging, cleansing and clearing what she wants to.  We have made the mistake of collectively thinking that she is an unthinking, unfeeling, lifeless rock.  Who can blame her for being annoyed at our misuse of her natural resources? Who can blame her for being furious at the rate at which we have continuously defiled her? In our nation’s “War Against Women” we have forgotten that Gaia is female herself. And, that in that war, she wins hands down every time.  Just look at the destruction that she can wreak. Our civilization will crumble if she decides to annihilate us completely.

Clearly, all astrological signs will be affected directly by Earth’s current point of view. But let us not forget that we can reach out to her individually to ask for her mercy during this time of change and transition. Look at the news this morning. There will always be stories of miracles that occur during these disasters because Mother Earth is not unreasonable. She protects and preserves those who acknowledge their connection to her, either consciously or subconsciously. She’s angry, but she hasn’t given up on us completely.

Today, as I meditate here in the earthquake zone known as Los Angeles, CA, I am saying special prayers to Our Mother to be merciful to me and mine wherever they are in the world. And, I’m putting together an earthquake kit, just in case.

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