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A Tarot Triumph – Amy Paffrath and Drew Seeley – Wed at Last

Amy PaffrathAmy Paffrath is one of my favorite people in Hollywood. This unassuming, down-to-earth Missouri born blonde beauty has worked her way up through Direct TV, Fuel TV and MTV.  You may remember her from E! News, co-hosting the Daily 10, and even filling in on G4’s Attack of the Show.  But I loved her best when she held down the fort with Snooki and the Situation in Bravo’s Jersey Shore:  After Hours. She’s also hit the hottest red carpets for TV Guide and served as a guest host on Fuel TV’s The Daily Habit.

Amy Paffrath and Marie Bargas – February – 2013

I had no idea that she was engaged or that her wedding was being planned to occur on a gorgeous beach in Hawaii.  But, it was no surprise to see the two of cups emerge as an indication that she was in love and happy.  Following the two of cups of course was the Chariot card and the Lover’s Card, but I think that the most significant card was the outcome card which was Temperance.  This bodes well for a bride especially one that has to juggle a career and a good marriage.


The Lovers Card from the Rider Waite Deck

Every woman that asks for a love reading wants to see the Two of Cups.  This card signifies two people being in love and openly sharing those loving feelings. Water represents love of course.  The Two of Cups in most decks portrays that water or love being exchanged between the cups as it should be when two people are in love. The Chariot Card represents travel and victory on one level and balance on the other. When combined with the Temperance card this ongoing theme of balance is accentuated in the Two of Cups and in the Lovers Card.  The Lovers card celebrates happiness and success in marriage on hand and the need to make choices in order to reconcile opposites on the other.

Amy and Drew2

Amy Paffrath and Drew Seeley from Bridget Marie Magazine

In this reading each card actually shows two elements complimenting and balancing each other in order to create love and harmony. Whether it’s two careers, two homes or two beautiful children who may even be twins… Amy dear…
TWO is your lucky number! Congrats!!!



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